Pokemon GO Update Will Make Catching Rare Pokemon Easier

Pokemon GO Guide: How to Catch Rare Pokemon - Mewtwo battling Pikachu

A new update is set to come to Pokemon GO, bringing with it the ability to raise capture rates for Pokemon by catching many creatures of the same type.

Capture rates in Pokemon GO have always been one of the more complained about elements of the game. As players progress to higher levels, it seems that it becomes harder and harder to catch the collectible creatures - something that Niantic is planning on tackling in a future update.

According to the developer in a recent blog post, Niantic plan to implement a new capture bonus system into Pokemon GO that triggers once players have caught enough Pokemon of a specific type. Once a trainer has caught 10 Poison-Type creatures for example, the player will get a +1 catch bonus to any future Poison-types that they attempt to catch.


The +2 catch rate will seemingly be a reward for catching 50 of the same type, with 200 captures being the necessary amount to gain the +3 rate. These capture rates do not stack however, and if you have a bonus for catching Normal-types and a bonus for catching Flying-Types, a Normal/Flying-type such as Pidgey would use an average of your bonuses to calculate what boost you will get.

So far, it looks like the +3 bonus to capture rate is the highest a player can achieve, something that is sure to prove very useful when it comes to catching rarer Pokemon that give less opportunity to capture them before fleeing.

Another recent addition to Pokemon GO is the opportunity to begin using Niantic's new Pokemon GO Plus devices to make it easier to capture creatures on the go. While initial reviews are a mixed bag for the wearable accesory, the device certainly has potential.

This raising of capture rates may even help to eliminate one of the major problems with the Plus, with the fact that it can only throw Pokeballs leading to creatures escaping the majority of encounters.

Other features confirmed to be coming to Pokemon GO in the future include a PvP battle system which will allow us to see our first glimpse of Pokemon battles being done outside of gyms. Whether or not this means the battle system will be updated from its current simplistic style is yet to be seen, though the feature is a fair way off releasing at present which gives the developer plenty of time for a revamp if that is the plan.

It's good to see that Niantic is staying on top of keeping Pokemon GO up to date with the latest improvements. The app may have seen a dwindling player base as of late, but it's still bringing in an impressive $2 million each day which means that the small team of developers are certainly well-funded to keep the game running for the foreseeable future.

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Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Niantic

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