Pokemon GO’s new update totally changes the way that Gym mechanics work and the community is very excited. The new system is meant to encourage more players to get involved in the multiplayer side of the mobile AR game and help less serious players feel comfortable in the world of Gym battles. Part of the new system gives players a chance to motivate other people’s Pokemon by feeding them berries at Gyms. During the first few hours of testing this new Pokemon GO feature, players seem to be finding a secret reward that Niantic didn’t mention in the original press release…

After feeding a Pokemon a berry at an updated Gym, players seem to be getting rewarded with an average of 20 Stardust. This is a fairly insignificant reward, but can definitely add up over time. The more exciting report is that, on occasion, players also seem to be getting rewarded with a single candy that matches the species of Pokemon that was being fed.

Multiple players are already taking to Reddit to report receiving Dratini candy from feeding a Dragonite, Abra candy from feeding a Kadabra, and many other instances of this bonus. Some players are saying they gave up to 10 berries without receiving any candy at all and others are saying they received one candy after feeding three berries. This seems to be a rare chance, so there probably is not a guaranteed amount that can be traded for a candy.


This bonus presents some fun opportunities for the meta game. It will be interesting to see if players start stocking Gyms with rare Pokemon, even if they aren’t great defenders, just to give other players a chance to cash in on some candy. This would certainly be good motivation to get lots of players to feed your Pokemon, which may help them hold the Gym longer.

Have you had a chance to feed Pokemon in a Gym? Did you receive any candy as a reward? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices in select regions.