Ripley’s Believe it or Not announces a contest in which Pokemon GO players can compete to win $100 daily prizes and a $5000 grand prize for their Pokemon captures.

Filling out the Pokedex in any Pokemon game is a challenging task, but Pokemon GO has made it even more difficult. Since gamers have to physically travel in order to locate Pokemon and can’t yet trade with other players, finding rarer Pokemon is a major achievement. Ripley’s Believe it or Not wants in on the Pokemon GO craze, and is promising big rewards to the player who catches the very best.

Ripley’s is now hosting a contest for gamers playing Pokemon GO who travel to any Ripley’s location. Players who discover rare Pokemon near the Ripley’s locations – many of which are PokeStops – can tweet in a photo of the captured Pokemon and enter a contest for a chance to win a daily prize of $100 and a grand prize of $5000. Ripley’s claims that the entrant who finds the rarest Pokemon in front of one of their locations will be rewarded $5000 at the end of the contest. In case of a tie, whoever caught the rare creature first will be declared the winner.

Ripley’s is determining rarity based off of this image, which was created by a fan and is unofficial. However, there a variety of problems with Ripley’s basing their contest off this unofficial ranking index. Many have argued that rarity is based on the player’s location, and Pokemon that may be rare for one player may be extremely common for a another, based on where they’re hunting. In addition, the rarest Pokemon shown on the list haven’t actually been found by any players yet, which includes Mewtwo and the legendary birds from the first generation of Pokemon games.

pokemon go rarity chart

This may indicate that there’s a lack of understanding of how Pokemon GO works by the creators of the contest at Ripley’s. They may simply be unaware that just because those Pokemon are on the list doesn’t mean that they can actually be captured at this time. To complicate matters further, there’s no guarantee that a rare variety of Pokemon will appear at a Ripley’s location, which could mean that a much more common Pokemon will actually end up winning the contest. Ripley’s may also be inundated with Photoshopped entries, which they will hopefully catch and eliminate rather than awarding prizes to players who don’t rightfully deserve them.

Gamers who are interested in entering the contest have until July 24th to submit their entries via social media. Using the Pokemon Tracker tool and Lure Modules around the Ripley’s locations will probably provide the best chance of finding the rarest Pokemon each area has to offer. However, gamers should keep in mind that using a Lure Module at the PokeStop will allow other players entering the contest the same advantages, so using Incense instead may be advisable.

Pokemon GO players are already making headlines with their eagerness to play Pokemon GO, with one even going so far as to quit his job to play Pokemon GO. With Pokemon GO at the top of the app charts, chances are the competition in this contest will be intense, even if the winning Pokemon isn’t exactly legendary.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS devices in select areas.

Source: Ripley’s, Imgur