Being successful in Pokemon GO requires raising the trainer’s level as well as the trainer’s Pokemon CP rank. Check out Game Rant’s guide on increasing both fast.

Pokemon GO is now officially available in the U.S. and other countries, and it’s already creating a fervor among Pokemon fans. While some are unwilling to put down Pokemon GO while their wives are giving birth or even risking their jobs to play, others just want to find a way to increase the power of their Pokemon and raise their trainer rank quickly.

There are two separate leveling mechanics in Pokemon GO: Your trainer’s level, and the CP level of your Pokemon. Raising each of these carries certain perks; raising your Pokemon’s CP makes them stronger, and raising your Trainer level offers more awards when you visit PokeStops, in addition to allowing you to challenge Gym Leaders at level 5. If you’re looking for the quickest way to raise your trainer level and Pokemon CP, this is the guide for you.

Combine Items

Like with most games that utilize microtransactions, Pokemon GO offers some perks to players who are willing to spend a little cash. If you’re willing to trade in some money for the in-game PokeCoins currency, you can buy items to level up extremely fast.

You can gain EXP very quickly by buying a Lucky Egg and Incense. Lucky Eggs double the EXP you gain for 30 minutes, and Incense lures wild Pokemon to you for 30 minutes. Keep in mind that trainers start out the game with two Incense, so if you haven’t used yours yet, make sure to pair it with a Lucky Egg and save some money.

Alternatively, if you’re at a PokeStop, you can use a Lure Module instead of Incense for the same effect. In either case, use the items together and catch every Pokemon you see for a major EXP boost.

pokemon go cp level

Catch Pokemon

The biggest draw of Pokemon GO is going out into the world and finding and capturing your very own Pokemon. Capturing Pokemon will help the player to increase their trainer rank as well as raising the your existing Pokemon’s Stardust, which is the equivalent of EXP for a Pokemon’s CP rank. While catching duplicates of Pokemon the trainer has already found awards 100 EXP towards your trainer’s level, new Pokemon are superior. Finding a Pokemon that’s not already in your Pokedex will award you 500 EXP, but duplicates are useful too.

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