When Pokemon GO launched in the summer of 2016, it did so with a level cap of 40. Nearly two years later, the level cap in the popular mobile game remains the same, despite many updates that have drastically changed other aspects of the experience to net players more XP. Now, with many new ways to get XP in the game than at launch, it’s time to raise the level cap.

It’s true that many Pokemon GO players have yet to hit the level cap. However, those who have stuck with the game since launch may have reached level 40 long ago, and those who haven’t will be able to hit the cap faster than ever before. If one combines the new ways to get XP with the special events that Niantic has been running on a monthly basis and the lucky eggs that give players double XP, it’s safe to say that many Pokemon GO players may soon be joining the level 40 club.

Once a lot more players reach level 40, they may be disappointed that they can’t keep leveling up and earning rewards. This wasn’t necessarily a big deal before, but with many of the rewards tied to the new Field Research system being XP-based, it may potentially make the new feature less engaging for players that have hit the level 40 cap.

pokemon go field research

The Special Research quest to catch Mew, A Mythical Discovery, has individual objectives that reward players with chunks of XP upon completion. Some of these objectives are extremely time-consuming and difficult, like evolving Magikarp into Gyarados or catching a Ditto out in the wild. While completing these objectives brings players closer to catching Mew, those at the level cap are simply not benefiting as much as those who are lower-leveled. All they’re doing is adding to their mammoth XP total.

The Field Research system isn’t the only new way players have been able to get XP in Pokemon GO since the game’s launch a couple of years ago. Raids were added last summer, and assuming players are able to battle in raids on a consistent basis, that’s yet another way they can greatly increase the XP they’re earning. Level 40 players, meanwhile, can still use raids to catch legendary Pokemon and the like, but the XP reward is meaningless to them at this point.


Speaking of meaningless rewards, another reason why Niantic should raise the level cap in Pokemon GO is because of the rewards players earn once they max out. For hitting level 40, Pokemon GO players will net themselves 40 Ultra Balls, Max Potions, Max Revives, and Razz Berries, along with four incense, lucky eggs, incubators, and lure modules. Most of these rewards will still be useful for players hoping to complete their Pokedex, except for the lucky eggs. Lucky eggs, for the uninitiated, give players double XP for a 30 minute period, meaning that the four earned at level 40 are useless.

Pokemon GO currently gives players more ways to earn XP than ever before, but the most dedicated players aren’t benefiting from these kinds of rewards. If Niantic raises the level cap, it will give hardcore Pokemon GO fans more reasons to keep investing in the game, and it will give those nearing the level cap more to look forward to in the future. Plus, it will mean those four lucky eggs players get at level 40 can finally be put to good use.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.