Pokemon GO is having a huge summer with popular Community Days, rotating Legendary Battle Raids, and frequent events. Although the current hype is centered on the ongoing Adventure Week 2018 event, some players have spotted something in the sky that is stealing the spotlight.

After a recent data teardown that mentioned Rainbows impacting the weather system, at least one Pokemon GO player seems to have run into the new weather effect graphic already. At this point, there’s no explanation for whether the rainbow is just a visual effect or if there’s something more to it… Maybe a preview of what’s to come with Alola forms?

Here’s a look at the rainbow, courtesy of The Silph Road subreddit


Although the rainbow didn’t seem to have an impact on the player’s game; the community is already busy theorizing what it might mean. Obviously, the most popular theory is that this is some kind of preview for the arrival of the Alola forms.

It would be very cool to see Pokemon GO pull off a slow build up to some in-games changes, similar to the meteors streaking across the sky in Fortnite¬†at the end of last season. That definitely hasn’t been Niantic’s style so far, but perhaps the company is trying something new this time around.

Aside from the Alola theory, there’s also the thought that perhaps this will be a new, unique form of weather boosting. The weather system offers players the chance to catch Pokemon with special boosts during their associated weather pattern, so maybe there will be some rare bonuses that come along with the appearance of a rainbow.

We’ll keep an eye out for confirmation of what’s happening from Niantic and post an update when the mystery is solved. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: The Silph Road