The Pokemon GO raids are a fun way for players to work together and beat Pokemon, but the game also gives them several useful items for completing the activity. But unfortunately, Pokemon GO players are now saying that recent changes have made raid reward drops a lot less lucrative.

On social media, Pokemon GO players have been complaining about possible raid reward nerfs for the past few days. One disgruntled player explains that after taking part in four legendary raids in the span of 12 hours, they and the other members of their raid party received between zero and three Rare Candies. This is the “lowest number of rare candies I’ve ever received from legendary raids,” they explain.

An account from another Pokemon GO player suggests that the drop rate of Golden Razzberries has also declined, at least by half. Players are especially concerned about this, as Golden Razzberries are one of the ways to make catching a legendary Pokemon easier, and so any change to the drop rate is going to have an immediate effect on the capture rate of legendaries as well.

Pokemon GO raid petition

In an attempt to find out exactly what has changed, one Pokemon GO player has begun collecting data and has put it together in a spreadsheet. Over 200 responses have been collected so far, across all raid levels, and it seems to confirm what players are saying. The average amount of Rare Candy earned in a raid is just 2.8 and the average amount of Golden Razzberries is 2.5.

The popular theory is that Pokemon GO developer Niantic has nerfed raid reward drops and this isn’t just a glitch. Earlier this week, Niantic made a significant change to raid rewards, with players now being able to collect potions from the reward drops. Some have suggested that Niantic has nerfed the rate at which the other items drop to compensate for the new additions.

While that makes some sense, players think the change could shakeup the Pokemon GO raid ‘meta’ and force them to rethink how they approach the feature. As fans have already voiced issues with Pokemon GO raids, they are hoping Niantic can confirm any of the presumed changes and either explain why they were made or revert back to old drop rates.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.

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