Raiding in Pokemon GO is an exciting, challenging addition to the mobile sensation’s gameplay, but players have always criticized Niantic for holding back one important raid reward: Potions. Being involved in higher-level raids means that a trainer’s team can often take a lot of damage, even going as far as to need a revive mid-battle, and now players will be rewarded for their efforts with an array of healing items after the fight.

Previously, Pokemon GO raid rewards included Revives, Rare Candies, and TMs when a player defeated the raid boss, but now Potions, Super Potions, Hyper Potions, and Max Potions have joined the list of possible drops. These new additions come in groups of five, but the type of Potion given out seems to be randomly selected. The new change has been long-requested by fans and will now make it easier for players to raid multiple times without burning through their healing items.


This is an important change to be made right now, as Pokemon GO fans will be raiding more than ever before in order to collect the returning legendary birds, as well as to make themselves eligible for exclusive Mewtwo raids as they arrive. In order to catch the original man-made legendary, a trainer must have completed a raid in the area that Mewtwo appears so as to receive an invitation.

Not only is this a welcome change for Niantic to make, it is also another example of the developer listening to the game’s dedicated fanbase. Judging by a recent datamine, Pokemon GO looks to be receiving yet another requested addition in the form of a Super Incubator for eggs that will likely hatch Pokemon at an increased speed but break after one use. It’s possible that this will be the next reward to come from raiding, once the Super Incubator is made available.

For all those fans who are gearing up to catch the highly-anticipated legendary when it releases, we’ve put together a list of the best movesets to beat Mewtwo in Pokemon GO. As we ready ourselves for what is likely the most difficult raid yet, it’s worth keeping in mind that Mewtwo was the ultimate Pokemon in the original titles, and it’s going to take a stacked team of carefully selected fighters in order to bring the legendary creature down.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS devices.