Pokemon GO has a major problem with raid passes, say players who are getting to grips with the new feature. Raids were introduced to Pokemon GO earlier this week and aim to give players another way to work together, but one significant issue is killing the fun.

On a reddit, one Pokemon GO player details how they purchased a Raid pass in the hopes of getting a Tyranitar. The player purchased the pass assuming that there would be enough people around to ensure that beating the Raid would be straightforward. Unfortunately the player and their wife entered the Raid lobby to discover that just three other people were available, meaning that the five of them “didn’t stand a chance” and that the purchase of a Raid pass was a “waste of money.”

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The player’s wife did come up with a sound solution though – don’t charge for the Raid pass until players are in the lobby. The disgruntled Raider explains that after players have entered the lobby and can see if there are enough who want to battle, “everyone would activate their raid passes, starting the countdown.” They also suggested that “The game would check if you have a raid pass when you try to enter the lobby, promoting you to buy one so that you wouldn’t hold up the party once it was time to go.” This could help prevent “doomed” raids, they argue.

In the comments, many other Pokemon GO players seem to agree that this is a good idea and urge developer Niantic to listen to them. Some have also pointed out that as time goes on, the novelty of Raids may wear off and less people will be interested in them. Raids may soon offer some legendary rewards but it’s hard to disagree with the suggestion that players will lose interest over time as that’s just the nature of the beast.

It’s unclear if Niantic is yet aware of the problem, but the developer regularly looks at social media to figure out which issues it should address next. For example it has already lowered the level requirement for Raids, following concerns that a lofty level requirement was keeping too many players from using the new gameplay feature. Hopefully the developer will be as quick to address the Raid pass problem next, save players find themselves ‘wasting’ more coins on the feature.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

Source: reddit