The latest update for Pokemon GO has made a smart change for players that enjoy raids. Gone are the days of wasting a Raid Pass only to find out that no nearby players are involved, and thus losing the Raid and the Pass.

Prior to the update, a Pokemon GO Raid never surfaced any information regarding how many Trainers were involved. The only way to know if anyone else was attempting to tackle a Raid boss was to look around or to submit a Raid Pass. Unfortunately, if the Raid Boss was one of the Legendary Pokemon then anything less than a few players would make the battle impossible.

After this new Pokemon GO update, players will be able to see how many fellow Trainers are either waiting for the Raid to start or already engaged in the battle. This should help improve the success rate for Raids, while also encouraging more players to participate.

pokemon go raid pass

It’s a pretty small change in the grand scheme of things, but one that improves the quality of life of Pokemon GO moving forward. Raids are the pinnacle experience when it comes to the mobile game, and having to waste a Raid Pass only to find out that no one was interested in the battle is deflating. There have been some players that have proven it is possible to defeat a Legendary Pokemon with a limited number of players, but solo players were never going to be able to beat a Moltres all by themselves.

But the bigger impact this change will have on Pokemon GO is its ability to bring players together. Since Trainers can now see how many players are in a Raid, there should be a greater draw to participate in one. Before, Raids were a crapshoot where players could end up wasting their pass on a solo fight, but now some might choose to join in simply because they know their presence could make a difference.

While this might be the biggest change in the latest Pokemon GO update, there are a few others worth mentioning as well. Pokemon GO Plus watches can now spin discs at Gyms and the “Last Premier Ball” bug has been fixed.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android devices.