Pokemon GO Data Mine Hints at 'Defeat Raid Pokemon' Activity

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Just as the Worldwide Bloom event for Pokémon GO ends a new update releases for the mobile title and, in turn, offers up new hints as to the game’s future. Specifically, new details regarding the raid feature/concept in Pokémon GO have surfaced, fueling speculation about how exactly they could work.

The data mine of the latest Pokémon GO update doesn’t have much to offer as far as juicy details, but it does include a reference to three Activities in the game. Two of them, “Feed Berry” and “Search Gym,” are intriguing but it is the third, “Defeat Raid Pokémon,” that has sent the fan base spinning. Since the word raids was tied to Pokémon GO, fans have wondered what that concept could involve, and now we have our first clue.

What exactly the act of defeating a Raid Pokémon could mean is up for debate, but the strongest possibility is that it involves an NPC or player-controlled Pokémon attacking a gym. Based on the wording, it sounds as though players could soon be rewarded for defending their gym, or even just defeating a raid Pokémon.

While players had initially thought that Pokémon Raids might involve teaming with friends to tackle a common enemy – perhaps a legendary Pokémon – it sounds as though the raids will be a little less exciting. That being said, giving players new ways to earn Pokecoins while holding gyms is always welcome, especially considering how hard it can be to control one for long periods of time. Developer Niantic may have taken steps to eliminate spoofers, but there are still cheaters out there ruining the experience for others and one they are doing that is occupying gyms with extremely strong Pokémon.

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Nothing has been confirmed but it sounds as though Niantic is trying to give players more ways to be active while controlling gyms. The Feed Berry activity, for example, could allow players to strengthen their Pokémon without actually needing to be nearby the gym.

Obviously this is all speculation, but if these new activities are in the Pokémon GO files then they are likely to roll into the main game soon. There has been talk of a big summer event for Pokémon GO so perhaps Niantic will be launching these features, and hopefully some others, then.

Pokémon GO is available now for mobile devices.

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