For most players, Pokemon GO raids are a welcome feature to the game and give them a new way of working together with their friends. But for others, the new gameplay feature is more of a headache than a way to enjoy the game, and disgruntled players are now doing something about it.

A petition has gone live demanding major changes to the raid feature. Over 7,000 Pokemon GO players have now signed the petition which calls for developer Niantic to allow more free passes to accumulate in a player’s inventory each day.

Or, Niantic should change premium passes so that they offer more than one use. Premium raid passes currently cost $1 each and the petition’s creator explains that trainers could find themselves spending $20 a week on raid passes or avoiding raids altogether due to the “hefty” price tag.

Another change requested for Pokemon GO raid passes regards the levels. “Make levels 1 through 3 raids free,” it says, as trainers don’t want to use their free raid pass on lower level raids. This change could also encourage more people to participate in raids, argues the petition creator.


The petition was only created three days ago, but it has almost hit its goal of 7,500 signatures in that short amount of time. Players had already complained about Pokemon GO raids, specifically highlighting concerns about the way the game can lead to “wasted” raid passes. But this petition makes it quite clear that there is a growing number of Pokemon GO players who want the game to change and offer them much better value for money.

It should be noted that Niantic has already made significant changes to Pokemon GO raids in response to initial fan complaints about the feature. Not only did the developer change the raid curfew times, but it also opened raid battles to almost all players after people expressed frustration at the barrier for entry.

Moreover, the developer is known for taking on feedback about the game and reports about new bugs and glitches from social media. Although there is absolutely no guarantee that Niantic will pick up and address the complaints about raids, the petition is gathering steam, and the Pokemon GO player base is incredibly vocal. There’s a chance that the developer will have heard about the petition (and its suggestions) already. Hopefully for those 7,000+ players, it is already working on putting them in place.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.