Pokemon GO may finally have raids, but actually catching the bosses isn’t quite so easy. And while there are how-to guides to catch raid bosses more easily, some Pokemon GO players remain convinced that a successful capture doesn’t just rely on their skills at the game.

One popular theory surrounding Pokemon GO raids is involves waiting to press ‘Okay.’ This theory is based on a rumor that the Pokemon GO server decides which player is going to successfully capture the boss before players actually attempt to catch it. Building on this idea, players encouraged each other not to press ‘Okay’ on the notification that comes up after they themselves have successfully caught the boss.

It was explained that hitting Okay told the server that someone from the raid party had already caught the boss and could diminish everyone else’s chances. So by waiting to press Okay, players all have a fair chance.

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The wait to press Okay theory was so prevalent that a poll on TheSilphRoad subreddit showed that 51% of Pokemon GO players surveyed believed in it. After the poll results were revealed, a representative for the game’s developer, Niantic, attempted to provide clarity. “If you’re still looking for a definitive answer, here you go: this is a myth,” they said, with players encouraging each other to share information about the debunking so that others don’t waste their time.

Some may be surprised to learn that so many Pokemon GO players believed in the myth, but given the Pokemon series’ history with fan theories, this isn’t so much of a shock. The latest series entry, Pokemon Sun and Moon, spawned its own weird fan theories, for example. Moreover, most fans are familiar with the idea that hammering the A or B button will make a Pokemon stay in its Poke ball during the catch phase. And Pokemon GO┬áhas its fair share of other theories and myths too. There were several myths about catching Ditto that had to be debunked, for example.

But just because myths and theories are par for the course when it comes to Pokemon fans, sometimes they can end up being detrimental to the player’s experience. In this case, the wait to press Okay myth has surely led to arguments and in-fighting with raid teams and many will be grateful that Niantic has laid the rumors to rest once and for all.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.

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