Ever since the game’s official reveal trailer showed players teaming up to do battle with and capture the legendary Mewtwo, Pokemon GO fans have been eagerly awaiting any sign of the franchise’s more powerful creatures coming to the mobile title. Now a recent screenshot may have inadvertently revealed that the release of legendary Pokemon is just around the corner.

A new post made by EraticObserver on Reddit highlights the fact that the upcoming Pokemon GO Raid Battles will feature five tiers of difficulty for users to team up in order to complete. A screenshot displayed on the official Niantic Labs support page displays a Tyranitar silhouette at tier four, which is making fans wonder what the fifth tier could feature.

The powerful Dragon/Rock-Type is one of the game’s strongest creatures alongside the similarly tier four Dragonite. Since there’s no sign of a Raid Battle containing multiple creatures, it stands to reason that the long-awaited reveal of legendary Pokemon could be coming with the next update.

Since the incredibly-successful mobile game currently contains the first two generations of Pokemon, we could see the likes of Lugia and Ho-Oh joining Mew, Mewtwo, and the legendary bird trio appearing in the new gym update. The creatures will likely be stronger than the more easily obtainable Pokemon in Pokemon GO, so the mythical encounters will have to be limited carefully in the near future.

While Raid Battles will require the presence of several nearby players to complete, it seems that Pokemon GO might not struggle to find the necessary user-base, judging by the recent ticket sales of the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest event.

It might be true that the game quickly lost its cult following, but it seems that the AR title still has quite the substantial amount of fans prepared to log on, especially if a legendary catch is on the line.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Reddit