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Now more than one year into the game's lifespan players often find it hard to gain the required XP to level up to some of Pokemon GO's higher ranks. Going from level 39 to 40 requires an unreasonable 5 million XP, which means that more and more trainers will soon be making use of the game's new raid battles in order to boost their levelling.

What's also important to note about the raid battles is that almost any Pokemon GO player can participate in them after Niantic lowered the level requirement. Originally, access to raids was very exclusive, but eventually the doors opened wider and wider. So even low ranking players can take advantage of this "trick," even if they might not be fully prepared for taking on Pokemon raid bosses.

Competing in a raid battle will provide players with 3000 XP as a standard, but this can be doubled to 6000 when using a Lucky Egg. Previously, Pokemon GO players were disappointed that the useful item didn't work with gyms but a few observant fans online seem to have discovered that the eggs do in fact double raid battle XP, though they're a little deceptive about it.

Pokemon GO Raid passes problem

Once a player has a Lucky Egg active and completes their daily free raid, or pays for a premium raid pass, the XP text pop-up will announce that they just gained 3000 XP. However, several Reddit users seem to have picked up on the fact that checking your total XP shows that the recent increase has actually been doubled, despite Pokemon GO not being clear about telling us.

So now trainers all over the world have a new way to level up quickly, so long as they're willing to purchase or wait for their raid passes, as 6000 XP is easily the largest increase it's possible to farm. For reference, catching a Pokemon on every day of the week gives players a weekly bonus of 2000 XP, and hatching a 10K egg gives only 1000 XP.

Of course raid battles are difficult encounters that are meant to require multiple participants in order to defeat, but yet another passionate Reddit user has come up with a way to beat any raid battle easily, which is sure to help aspiring grinders to gain 6000 XP with far less effort than normal.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Reddit

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