Pokemon GO Tool Helps Players Find Raid Battle Groups

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The Silph Road team is back with another tool to make life easier for Pokemon GO players. Pokemon GO recently introduced raid battles, allowing players to team up and take on high level raid bosses. The Silph Road's new tool is in beta, but aims to help players find other Pokemon GO players to participate in raids with.

Since Pokemon GO raids were made available to most players, there are plenty looking for allies to take on the game's difficult bosses. Silph Road's tool, called "Silph Radio," should make it easier for gamers to team up and find other raids. The tool works with Facebook, Slack, Discord, and other online networks to help players share their Raid Beacons.

As a mobile game, Pokemon GO has already done a good job at getting gamers out, about, and meeting new people. But Silph Road's "Silph Radio" should make it even easier for players to join forces and take on one of the games newest features. Since the raid bosses don't scale down for lower-level players, it may help new Pokemon GO players find their first in-game friends and take on extreme challenges they'd otherwise struggle with.

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Silph Road's isn't the first 3rd party tool for Pokemon GO players. GymHuntr recently offered a tool to help Pokemon GO Players find raid battles. While there is some overlap in what both tools help players do, together they will make it easier for players hoping to test their power and catch high-level Pokemon.

One downside to tools that help Pokemon GO players is that they don't always serve to encourage one of the main aspects of the game: exploration. Since Silph Radio will make it easier to find other players and see where raids are at, there won't be as much exploration involved. Last summer, when Pokemon GO launched, the Internet was littered with jokes and memes about how fit Pokemon GO players were getting because of all the walking and biking they did to find more Pokemon and hatch eggs.

While Silph Radio might take away from some of the game's exploration, it certainly won't ruin the game. Now all players need is a tool to tell them which will be the next Pokemon GO Raid Battle bosses.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Source: The Silph Road on Reddit

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