Since Pokemon GO added Raid Battles with its latest Gym update developer Niantic has made clear that the experience is a work in progress. The gameplay may be set in stone but how exactly Raid Battles will function is still fluid, and can change at any time.

Within this last week, for example, Raid Battle level requirements went from level 35 at launch all the way down to level 5, which made them practically available to anyone. At first, Raid Battles were thought to be something saved for elite Pokemon GO players, but it may just be a way for low-level players to get a foothold in the game.

That’s because, as players have found out, Pokemon GO does not scale down the Raid Bosses in the game. Meaning if a level 6 player can take on, defeat, and capture a level 20 Pokemon boss, should he/she be skilled enough to do so.

Pokemon GO Opens Raid Battles to Almost All Players - Tyranitar

As one would expect, this latest revelation has split the Pokemon GO community. On the one hand, some are disappointed that new players are able to earn high-level rare Pokemon without first having to survive the basic grind of the mobile game. Since the Raid Battles don’t scale, it’s feasible that a level 5 player could earn a level 20 Pokemon, which would then give them a leg up on similar level players.

On the flip side, some Pokemon GO players feel that although a level 5 could theoretically catch a level 20 Raid Battle boss, it’s highly unlikely their skill level and equipment would be up to the task. Catching top tier Pokemon is no small feat, and Raid Battles are supposed to be home to some of the most challenging versions around.

Ultimately, it’s a small detail that Niantic could address if it wants to, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting the Pokemon GO community. It’s not nearly as bad as spoofers or glitchers can impact the experience, at least. And after all, the main goal of lowering the level requirement was to encourage more casual players to invest in the experience, so giving them a fun reward seems like a smart way to keep them playing.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android.