One Pokemon GO player recreates the classic in-game Pokemon trainer experience, quitting his job to travel the country and capture every Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, with some players becoming so addicted to the game that they’ve nearly lost their jobs by playing. Now at least one player has decided that the game is so much fun that they’ve quit their job entirely to focus on playing it.

Pokemon GO fan Tom Currie has quit his job in order to play Pokemon GO full-time for two months in New Zealand. The gamer has been a Pokemon fan since childhood, and said that after six years of working, he was desperate for a break. He’s since been travelling through the country via bus and on-foot to try and capture every single Pokemon in the game.

Currie has achieved quite a bit so far; out of the 151 original Pokemon, Currie has already captured 90 at the time of The Guardian‘s report. However, it’s worth pointing out that no one currently knows how to capture the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and they might only be made available via special events. Currie may not be able to complete his mission in two months’ time due to this, but he’ll probably find and evolve all of the currently-available Pokemon, at least.

pokemon go tom currie

Some will undoubtedly argue that quitting a job to play a video game is taking a hobby too far. Even though some gamers have found ways to earn a full-time income playing games on YouTube and Twitch or by competing in tournaments, there’s no real way to do so playing Pokemon GO right now. Many would say that some become thoroughly addicted to video games, and plenty of stories have emerged of gamers focusing too much on a game and forgetting about their normal lives due to it. As a result, it’s become commonplace for developers of MMOs and other games to include start-up messages warning players to not forget their real lives. Even so, the problem is still prevalent, and Bethesda was recently sued by a player claiming that their game, Fallout 4, ruined his marriage.

With any luck, Tom Currie is essentially taking an extended leave of absence and his job will still be waiting for him when he’s done. Extended vacations aren’t entirely unheard of, even though taking them to play a video game non-stop for two months is surely a rare thing. In any case, he’s bound to have a lot of fun meeting fellow Pokemon GO players and wandering the country he grew up in over the course of the next two months.

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Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS in select areas.

Source: The Guardian