Pokemon GO Dev Teases PvP Battles

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In Pokemon GO's initial announcement trailer, fans saw a number of gameplay features that still have yet to make it to the game. This includes PvP multiplayer, which Niantic CEO John Hanke recently discussed while speaking at a high school.

While Hanke didn't reveal when Pokemon GO players can look forward to having PvP in the game, he did let slip a detail about how it will work. According to Hanke, PvP in Pokemon GO will be "one on one battles," meaning players shouldn't expect any team-based battles when PvP launches.

It's possible team battles could come to Pokemon GO some time after the initial 1v1 PvP mode is added to the game. After all, the original Pokemon games didn't allow for team battles, and in fact, they weren't added to the franchise until the third generation of creatures. Considering how long it has taken Niantic to add 1v1 PvP to the game, though, team battles are likely a long way off.

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While fans are still waiting for PvP battles of any kind to be added to the game, Hanke's comments seem to suggest that the mode is far along in development and could potentially be added in one of its next updates. The game's one year anniversary is right around the corner on July 6th, and that seems like the perfect opportunity to add fan-requested features like PvP battles.

Besides PvP battles, there are plenty of other features Pokemon GO fans have been waiting to see added to the popular mobile game. Arguably the most-requested feature is Pokemon trading, even though it won't allow for online trades like many expected. Having said that, allowing Pokemon trading at all would be a step in the right direction, and would at least give players a better shot at collecting some of the game's more elusive Pokemon.

With Pokemon trading and 1v1 PvP battles both in the pipeline, it's clear that Niantic still has plenty to add to the Pokemon GO experience. For the sake of diehard fans, hopefully Niantic starts offering concrete release dates for some of this content.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Reddit

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