Pokemon Go Has Made More Money Than Some Hollywood Blockbusters

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A report from mobile app analytics website Sensor Tower finds that Niantic's Pokemon GO has generated enough revenue to surpass some blockbuster summer films this year.

Pokemon GO continues to be a game that is ubiquitous in news headlines, despite concerns over the game's longevity that have stemmed from its frequent downtime and inherently broken features. The game's problems have seen it lose over 15 million Pokemon GO users who were previously playing Niantic's mobile title daily, and it is fair to say that, for now, the pandemonium created by Pokemon GO's limited release has begun to calm down slightly.

That hasn't stopped Pokemon GO from remaining one of the premier revenue generators available in mobile gaming, however, and the game is also one of the strongest mobile app releases in general. Over a million Pokemon GO players in the UK have already spent money on the game, and mobile app analysis website Sensor Tower released a report yesterday that indicates that staggering figure is just one of Pokemon GO's many financial accomplishments. Using estimated worldwide gross revenue, Sensor Tower suggests that Pokemon GO is more profitable than the Warcraft movie, Independence Day 2Star Trek Beyond, and Ghost Busters.

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To put those comparisons into context, Blizzard's Warcraft became the most successful video game movie of all time this summer, while Star Trek and Ghost Busters are two premier film franchises that typically do very well at the box office. Sensor Tower expanded on this comparison by saying Pokemon GO is even more impressive because it surpassed these films' revenues "without any significant paid advertising".

Sensor Tower's report also highlights some other interesting facts about the first two months of Pokemon GO's limited release. Pokemon GO continues to generate more than 4 million dollars in revenue worldwide each day, all while the game has yet to be released in some of the biggest global markets like China and India. Perhaps more shocking is Sensor Tower's revelation that Pokemon GO has been downloaded 180 million times, with players spending an average of 32 minutes a day on the app - a figure that remains almost completely unchanged from the average daily time spent on Pokemon GO during its launch week.

While recent Pokemon GO datamining suggests the game will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, Pokemon GO in the present remains one of the most important games in the world because of its dense playerbase and continued profitability. Perhaps Sensor Tower's report will cause film studios should work on developing an addictive augmented reality game for their cherished franchises rather than another summer sequel next year.

What do you make of Pokemon GO's success, especially compared to some of this summer's blockbuster films? Is it a strong mobile app, a weak summer for the film industry, or a mixture of both? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Sensor Tower

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