Although Pokémon GO has brought plenty of entertainment to mobile gamers and Pokefans the world over, the title has had its fair share of detractors. Some criticize the game’s basic nature, while others point to its lack of true interactivity as reasons why Pokémon GO doesn’t appeal to them. However, others don’t like Pokémon GO simply because it forces kids to focus on their phones and not the world around them.

Unfortunately a 17-year-old Pokémon GO fan had to learn that lesson the hard way when a bystander struck him with a metal pole in Long Beach, CA. The assailant, 57-year-old Jayson Lingen never offered a clear reason for why he struck the young gamer, but is now about to serve 7 years of jail time for his actions.

The incident itself happened last year, and saw the 17-year-old allegedly trying to capture a Pikachu in the game, while walking along Aquarium Way. For some reason that, again, is unclear Lingen shouted something at the player and eventually hit him with a metal pole.

If nothing else, the story should serve as a warning to those that might be too focused on their Pokémon GO adventures. Not everyone finds the game as charming or engaging as others do, despite the fact that playing it is good for heart health.

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In fact, Pokémon GO has been the source for almost as many positive stories as negative ones. There have been instances where players got into accidents, suffered serious injury, or even died because they were playing the game and not paying attention. And some have used Pokémon GO as a tool to lure younger gamers into trouble.

It’s because of situations like those that Pokémon GO developer Niantic added a warning for players to mind their surroundings while playing and a speed cap for accessing the game’s functionality. There are also battles being fought in state courts over whether to ban Pokémon GO use in city parks. Legislators argue that Pokémon GO players flock in large numbers to parks (popular Pokestop locations) and end up littering or being destructive in some manner.

Pokémon GO is available now for iOS and Android.

Source: LA Times