App Store Update Raises Pokemon GO Prices

Pokemon GO price increase App Store

An update to the Apple App Store has led to a rise in Pokemon GO prices. The hugely popular free to play game has already made bank from its microtransactions, with Pokemon GO becoming the fastest game to make $1 billion.

Apple recently rolled out an update to its mobile marketplace, slightly increasing prices in several countries around the world. The price increase effects Denmark, countries in the Eurozone (European countries that use the Euro), and Mexico, while iOS users in Taiwan are dinged with a 5% VAT rate. Apple explains that the change, which would raise a €0.99 app or microtransaction to €1.09 in France, Bulgaria, Estonia and Slovakia, is a result of "foreign exchange rate changes" and confirms that auto-renewable subscriptions "will not be affected."

The change has already had an effect on Pokemon GO prices, as it's estimated that microtransactions now cost 10% more for players in the affected countries and it's also believed that Android prices have been increased to reflect the iOS changes. A €10 coin pack, for example, now costs €10.99, meaning that buying a €10 gift card is less valuable for Pokemon GO players.


Understandably, Pokemon GO players are frustrated with the changes and argue that microtransactions in the game are already high as it is. While this price increase isn't quite as dramatic as the one that affected UK iOS users in January, when Apple increased prices by 25% as a result of Brexit, some say that it's unfair that they are being punished just for their location and the currency their country has chosen to use.

Some will also question what this means for Pokemon GO - and other mobile games - going forward. Pokemon GO's daily player numbers have already been declining, despite developer Niantic's best efforts, but now even dedicated players who have forked out for those microtransactions may feel that the game isn't worth playing any more.

It may also be said that the ball is in Niantic's court now and that it is up to the developer to respond to the App Store changes. Yes, players have to pay more when they buy microtransactions but if the developer introduces things that make spending extra worth it, such as the much-awaited Pokemon GO Gym update, then things could even out.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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