Pokemon GO players have been busy hunting down Lugia and Articuno for the last week and now Moltres has rotated into the Battle Raid cycle. With the new Legendary creatures showing up, there is a whole new level of min-maxing for the hardcore players to analyze and master. One of the first steps towards that is understanding the IV for each of the Legendary spawns. Thanks to a new master spreadsheet, it is easier than ever for Pokemon GO players to determine the likely IV of their Legendaries before they even manage to catch them.

There are many app-based IV calculators that players like to use, but some of those have led to shadow bans, which makes conservative players a little hesitant to use them. Luckily, all players really need to do to determine IV is look at the base CP for a Pokemon when it spawns and compare it to the chart.

There have been CP to IV charts floating around for months now, but so far they didn’t account for the Legendary pokemon. There is finally enough data to determine the IV of these new pokemon, so some helpful players have created a chart specific to the first four legendaries.

Check out the full list of IV predications based on CPs right here


The chart only covers the top 10% of IVs, so any legendary caught with a starting CP less than what is found on this chart is at most a 90%. This information is particularly useful for players who are catching multiple legendaries and need to decide which ones to spend their resources leveling up. The more casual audience, who are just trying to complete their Pokedex, don’t need to worry quite as much about CP or IV.

Players who are only trying to catch the best of the best may even decide to reserve their Golden Razz when throwing against a legendary that falls below the CPs outlined on the above chart. That said, the reward seems to be pretty common for these raids, so there isn’t that much of a reason to stockpile it at this point.

Whether you’re just trying to complete the Pokedex or aiming for that 100% IV legendary squad, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit