Pokemon GO Developer Shuts Down Sites Like Pokevision

pokemon go developer shuts down pokemon tracking pokevision site

Two major third-party Pokemon GO Pokemon tracking websites cease operations on the same day, likely indicating that they were forced to shut down by Niantic.

Due in part to the broken Pokemon Tracker, many Pokemon GO players have been turning to services like Pokevision in order to locate specific Pokemon. However, those days may be over, with two of the major Pokemon tracking sites now no longer functioning.

The CEO of Niantic, the developer behind Pokemon GO, previously made it clear that he isn't a fan of Pokevision and other Pokemon tracking sites. It seems that his company has now taken action against said sites, forcing both Pokevision and PokeHound to suspend their services indefinitely. Forbes reported that the creator of Pokevision declined to answer why the site's services had been suspended starting Saturday, but it's unlikely to be a coincidence that PokeHound also closed at the same time.

Although a countless number of players will undoubtedly be inconvenienced by these sites being taken offline, many suspected that this day was coming. Sites like Pokevision use the game's data in ways that is against the terms of service of Pokemon GO, so Niantic is within its rights to pursue legal action against any person or site infringing upon its TOS.

The shutdown of the third-party Pokemon tracking websites would probably be easier for fans to accept if Niantic had first fixed the in-game Pokemon Tracker. The Pokemon Tracker has been broken since July 15th, but no fix has been issued for the bug yet. The company has just recently issued a new update for Pokemon GO, but the update only addresses the broken Tracker by removing the footprints from the list of nearby Pokemon.

pokemon tracker footsteps removed

With the Pokemon Tracker still broken and third-party Pokemon tracking sites being taken down, many players will undoubtedly be frustrated by this turn of events. It remains to be seen if the shutdown of the tracking sites will have a major impact on the playerbase of Pokemon GO, but it's possible. According to a recent study, the number of active players in Pokemon GO has been dropping ever since the Pokemon Tracker three-step bug began. With no easy way to hunt for the Pokemon they need to catch 'em all, there's a strong likelihood that even more players may quit the game.

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, but with its currently limited number of features and gameplay options, making sure that the game's existing functions work properly should be Niantic's number one goal. It's understandable that the CEO felt that third-party tracking sites were effectively cheating, but since gamers have no honest way to hunt for specific Pokemon in the app itself, this takedown it's sure to leave some gamers feeling sour.

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Source: Forbes

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