While many people stopped playing Pokemon GO last year, there are millions of fans that have remained dedicated to the innovative augmented reality game. These dedicated players spend their days hatching eggs, catching Pokemon, and spinning PokeStop wheels in hopes of getting high quality items. However, players have recently discovered that PokeStops are suddenly giving out less items, with no explanation from Niantic.

For unknown reasons, PokeStops in Pokemon GO are now giving out only two items per spin, whereas before it could be up to five items per spin. To make matters worse, players are only getting four items when hitting their 10th PokeStop bonus, which usually gives out five or more items.

With no announcement from Niantic, fans are left scratching their heads as to why this change was made. One could theorize that Niantic has decided to lower the number of items earned per PokeStop to try to make players rely more on microtransactions, but such a move could alienate its fanbase. And after the backlash surrounding the game’s anniversary events earlier this summer, angering its fanbase seems like the last thing Niantic would want to do.

pokemon go trainer pokestop blue active

A more likely explanation is that this is simply a glitch or a different issue that Niantic has yet to iron out. After all, Niantic is constantly making changes to Pokemon GO, and sometimes these frequent updates cause unforeseen issues with the game. If the “nerfed” PokeStops are in fact due to a technical issue as opposed to a deliberate action by Niantic, fans can expect the studio to fix it at some point in the coming weeks.

With October being an especially busy month for Pokemon GO, it remains to be seen when exactly Niantic would get around to fixing the PokeStop problem, assuming it plans on doing so at all. In October, fans have the upcoming Halloween event to look forward to that will presumably dish out double candy for captured Pokemon, and rumor has it that this month will also see the introduction of third generation Pokemon.

Whether or not third generation Pokemon are actually added to Pokemon GO this month or not, fans can keep themselves busy with the Halloween event while they wait for news on PokeStops. However, for the sake of Pokemon GO‘s most dedicated players, hopefully Niantic offers some clarification as to why PokeStops are yielding less rewards than usual soon.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.