To truly master Pokemon Go, players need to take full advantage of the Pokestops they come across over the course of their travels — here’s all the latest intel on how to get the most out of these locations.

Trainers have now had a few days to get to grips with Pokemon Go, and it’s clear that the game is already a huge hit. As players spend more time with the title, more complex strategies are sure to emerge, and the experience as a whole is going to become lots more competitive.

Given the random nature of finding and capturing Pokemon, it’s a good idea to take full advantage of the one resource you can rely upon — Pokestops. These locations are littered all over the place, and visiting them can reap some very useful rewards.

Finding Pokestops

When players walk around with Pokemon Go open on their smartphone, they’ll occasionally see blue icons overlaid onto the map. These are Pokestop indicators.


The Pokestop icon will change once the player is close enough to make a visit — touching the Pokestop will confirm whether or not it’s within range.

pokestop distance

Once it’s inside the trainer’s purple perimeter ring, touching the marker and swiping the photo (flipping the coin, so to speak) will produce a number of bubbles containing items; popping these bubbles claims the loot.

pokestop rewards

Pokestop Rewards

At the moment, there are several types of items that a Pokestop can reward players with — however, this list might change as time goes on.

  • Pokeball — Given that this is by far the most common reward, Pokestops are the most cost-effective way to ensure that you maintain a base level of Pokeballs that you can use to capture new monsters.
  • Potion — Used to recover your the HP of your Pokemon following a battle.
  • Razz Berry — A consumable item that makes it easier to capture a particular Pokemon.
  • Revive — If your Pokemon faints in a gym battle against a rival team, this will restore them to half their maximum health.
  • Lucky Egg — A consumable item that doubles your experience gained for thirty minutes upon activation.
  • Egg — A Pokemon that will only hatch after you walk 2KM, 5KM, or 10KM while it’s stored in an incubator.

There’s no limit to how many players can claim rewards from a Pokestop over a particular time frame, but individuals will have to wait five minutes between swiping the symbol and retrieving a new set of rewards — the marker changes to purple when it’s recharging and will turn blue again once it’s ready. Only Pokeballs and Eggs are offered up until the player reaches level 5, at which point the rest of the list comes into play.

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