The role of the PokeStop is a big one for Pokemon GO players, with PokeStops acting as a vital place to receive important drops. However, recently users noticed that PokeStops may have been stealth nerfed, after a significant reduction in drop rates for certain items. Now, the community itself has investigated the change in drop rates from PokeStops.

The findings of this study were published over on the Pokemon GO subreddit The Silph Road, with user JoshWoodward delivering some excellent findings to the Pokemon GO player base. For starters, the user released the specific breakdown of the change in overall item type drops. PokeBalls increased a little, now making up 67.3% of all drops, with Berries also seeing a boost up to 18.6%. However, important items such as Potions and Revives saw considerable drops, reducing down to 11.3% and 2.7% respectively, with Evo Items also seeing a drop.

Below is a breakdown of the overall drop rates per item type:

Item Type Before After % Change
Balls 57.8% 67.3% +16.4%
Potions 21.1% 11.3% -46.4%
Berries 15.8% 18.6% +17.7%
Revives 5.2% 2.7% -48.1%
Evo Items 0.12% 0.09% -25%


With regards to the item types that saw an increase, Niantic has not made much of a change to the overall proportions. So, if a player gets a PokeBall drop, they’re as likely to receive an Ultra Ball as they were before. The same is true of Berries, although the Pinap Berry has seen a slight increase and the Nanab Berry a slight decrease.

Here’s a breakdown per Ball Type:

Ball Type Before After % Change
Poke Ball 71.7% 71.7% 0%
Great Ball 21.1% 21.1% 0%
Ultra Ball 7.2% 7.2% 0%


Here’s a breakdown per Berries type:

Berry Type Before After % Change
Razz Berry 48.0% 48.1% 0%
Pinap Berry 29.3% 29.9% +2%
Nanab Berry 22.7% 22.0% -3%



When it comes to those items that saw an overall type decrease, however, there have also been considerable reductions for the most-wanted items. Potions and Super Potions have seen a boost, but Hyper Potions and Max Potions have seen their drop rates cut down massively – made even worse by the reduced likelihood of getting a Potion at all. The same is true of Revives, with players now only likely to get a Max Revive 10% of the time, rather than a regular Revive.

Below shows the new drop rates for Potions:

Potion Type Before After % Change
Potion 54.3% 60.0% +10.5%
Super Potion 28.7% 30.5% +6.3%
Hyper Potion 11.3% 5.7% -49.6%
Max Potion 5.8% 3.7% -36.2%


Here is the information for Revives:

Revive Type Before After % Change
Revive 87.2% 90.1% +3.3%
Max Revive 12.8% 10% -21.9%


There have been plenty of changes behind the scenes for PokeStops of late, with Niantic recently forced to remove some PokeStops due to the two-item glitch, for instance. However, these drop rate changes will be hardly well received by players, particularly those who don’t find time to Raid regularly.

Of course, Pokemon GO players might have other things on their mind. After all, today marks the release of Gen 3 Pokemon in Pokemon GO, starting with a variety of spooky Pokemon to coincide with the Halloween event. However, it’s unlikely to be long before these drop rate changes return to discussion.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit