Released in time for the holiday shopping season, the Pokemon GO Plus was the hottest gaming accessory of the year. It was a must-have item for fans looking for an easier way to play the game than pulling their smartphone out of their pocket at regular intervals. But almost a year on from the Plus’ launch and Pokemon GO players will soon have a brand new way to play the game in style.

The Pokemon GO Plus ring accessory downsizes the larger, Pokemon GO Plus gadget into much smaller thing that can be worn on fingers. The gadget comes in a range of several styles, including PokeBalls and Great and Ultra Balls too, and it allows players to easily collect things from PokeStops.

Although the gadget does not allow players to interact with Gyms following the highly anticipated Pokemon GO Gym update, it does offer an advantage when it comes to price. When it launches on July 15 in Japan (a release date for the west has not been announced) it will cost just 400 Yen or $3.50 which is just a fraction of the $35 cost to purchase a standard Pokemon GO Plus device.

Pokemon GO Plus ring

Admittedly, a Pokemon GO Plus ring doesn’t have the same appeal as the bracelet version. Like some sort of hi-tech smart watch, tapping a wrist-based gadget just looks cool than discreetly tapping some buttons on a gadget that dangles from a finger. However, as the original Pokemon GO Plus suffered from a stock shortage due to the huge popularity of the mobile game, this could offer fans a chance to get their hands on the Plus device without paying such a high price for it.

The reveal of the ring accessory also comes not long after Niantic confirmed that the Pokemon GO Plus would not be getting any new features. For fans who have enjoyed the ease of using the gadget – and hoped that Gym interactivity would be introduced, for example – this was incredibly disappointing.

The release of the Pokemon GO Plus ring isn’t a great make up present as it still does what the original Pokemon GO Plus does, albeit in a slightly smaller package. But many fans will hope that if the ring device sells incredibly well, helped by that low price, Niantic will reconsider and introduce a few more features to the Plus to sate the growing demand.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.