Pokemon GO Plus Watch Has a New Release Date

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Nintendo announces the release date for the Pokemon GO Plus watch, which allows users to collect items and capture Pokemon without having to open their phones.

When investors realized that Nintendo didn't actually develop the ultra-popular augmented reality mobile game Pokemon GO, the Big N's newly energized stock prices plummeted. However, that's not to say that Nintendo has nothing to do with the game. In fact, the company has been developing a device called Pokemon GO Plus, which was originally supposed to launch in July, at the height of the game's popularity. One delay later put the device's release in limbo, but now Nintendo has revealed exactly when gamers can get their hands on the accessory.

As announced late last night by Nintendo, Pokemon GO Plus for Pokemon GO will be available in some regions on September 16th. It's not clear which places will have to wait longer for the device, but big markets like North America, Europe, and Japan should be able to count on Pokemon GO Plus hitting store shelves next week.

The device retails for $34.99, but may be well worth the asking price for Pokemon GO enthusiasts. It allows players to collect items from PokeStops simply by pressing a button on the watch, which should make it easier for people to collect Pokeballs, potions, and more when out and about. Likewise, it's also possible to capture Pokemon with Pokemon GO Plus by pressing the button when the watch lights up and vibrates, but it remains to be seen how effective this will be.

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Those that still find themselves playing Pokemon GO on a regular basis may want to consider picking up the Pokemon GO Plus watch when it launches. The device will allow the player to make progress in Pokemon GO without being forced to stare at their phone screen all the time, which makes playing the game while in public safer and more convenient. Hopefully the launch of Pokemon GO Plus next week translates into less accidents and injuries related to the game.

Of course, that's assuming that a bulk of Pokemon GO players purchase the device, which may not be the case. Part of the reason why Pokemon GO has been downloaded over 500 million times is because it's free, and it's easy to see how many may not want to spend any actual money on the game. Having said that, Pokemon GO has made $200 million in one month, so by that same token, there's also a group of fans that have no problem spending real world cash on it. We'll find out soon enough if Pokemon GO Plus is a hit, or if it's doomed to the same fate as some of Nintendo's other failed accessories.

Pokemon GO Plus will be available on September 16th for $34.99. Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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