It’s both a strike against and a badge of honor for Pokemon GO that, nearly an entire year after its release, it is still both one of the most popular and one of the most flawed mobile games available. Take, for example, the recent Pokemon GO Solstice event, which had to be prolonged so users could access it thanks to severe login issues plaguing its launch period. Those kinds of debacles can be crippling for a game and its reputation, but for all intents and purposes, the past year of Pokemon GO‘s mobile game dominance has proven Niantic’s title to be immune to failure.

To say that Niantic hasn’t drastically improved as a developer in terms of both its delivery of patch fixes and communication to players would be unfair, however. That’s why a recent Pokemon GO subreddit thread is shocking – according to one user, reports of the recent egg reset problem in gyms were first made to Niantic 9 months ago. Reddit user FakeKitten wrote an incendiary post that has finally caught Niantic’s attention, stating:

“Around 9 months ago I made [a] post about eggs losing their accumulated distance within the 4 min update period if you fought a gym or placed something in a gym. This is still true but now even worse is that feeding a berry to a pokemon [sic] in the gym or simply spinning the ‘gym stop’ will also reset that distance…it needs to be addressed immediately, it’s unacceptable as a mechanic to have your effort wasted like this.”

Interestingly, this time around FakeKitten’s post, which isn’t even a day old yet, has been noticed immediately by a verified Niantic employee. User NianticGeorge stated that the reset problem’s information would be sent over to “the QA team to test”, and the response has seen other users praising Niantic’s much-improved communication. Not too long ago, Pokemon GO‘s raid level requirement was lowered as a response to fan complaints, so Niantic is clearly paying more attention to its user base than it did in the early months of Pokemon GO‘s release.

pokemon go tyranitar

The egg reset problem has become a growing concern in the Pokemon GO community, so FakeKitten’s revelation that it has been known about for the better part of a year is certainly troubling. Still, Pokemon GO‘s management by Niantic has become significantly better and, despite several more growing pains still to come, it would appear that the egg reset problem is on its way out thanks to the continued efforts if Pokemon GO‘s dedicated player base.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Reddit