A group of English Pokemon GO players head out to an island without considering the incoming high tide and narrowly escape the dangerous rising water.

It became apparent during the first week of Pokémon GO that the game was going to get players into some dangerous situations. Car accidents, dangerous falls, and other incidents have all been reported during the first few weeks, despite Niantic’s plea for players to keep their heads up and not enter dangerous areas while playing Pokémon GO.

The trend of injuries or close calls seems to have slowed down in the last week, but a new report out of England proves that players are still getting themselves into scary situations in pursuit of bigger and better Pokémon.

A group of six teenage players in England (where the game recently launched) ventured to Birnbeck Island while chasing Pokémon without considering when the tide was going to rise. The island is cut off from the mainland at high tide, aside from an old pier, which is partly collapsed and not safe for use. As the tide began to rise, the teens realized they were in trouble quickly and began attempting to head back to the mainland.

Two teens went against the tide and took their chances in the water, while the others opted for the dangerous pier. Both groups were most of the way back to the mainland when a volunteer life boat, the police, the fire brigade, and local coastguard teams showed up to help. Thankfully, everyone made it back without injury.

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One of the volunteer rescue workers spoke to The Guardian about the dangerous situation…

“It is great to see people getting out and about enjoying themselves, however, putting your life in danger trying to catch Pokémon is extremely irresponsible.”

“In Weston the tide comes in so quickly, in seconds you can be in life-threatening danger. Please, if you do see a Pokémon either on the rocks or in the muddy areas of Weston bay, don’t put yourself into a position where you could become stuck.”

“The water is unforgiving, it doesn’t give you a second chance whereas a game will.”

Since the recent release of the game’s latest update (which removed the tracking tool), the game has been even more persistent about reminding players not to trespass or go anywhere dangerous while playing. It’s clear that Niantic is aware of some of the problems the game has caused, but, as usual, the company is remaining silent and has barely any PR presence.

The lack of dialogue between Niantic and the community is causing serious problems with the player base, who is starting to hold a grudge against the developers. There is still time to get back on the audience’s good side, but Niantic will need to extend an olive branch and start being more responsive for that to happen. Based on the company’s behavior so far, that doesn’t seem very in character…

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Pokémon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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Source: The Guardian