Pokemon GO players looking to celebrate with the game’s current double Stardust Equinox event were met with an unwanted surprise early this morning. According to Pokemon GO‘s official Twitter, the game is currently experiencing an issue that is preventing all players from accessing the title, as the unexpected bug is currently making logging in to the game impossible.

It’s unclear when the issue first arose, but it has been public knowledge since just over three hours ago, when the team manning the Pokemon GO Twitter went public with an announcement that indicated they were aware of the problem and were working to fix it. Whatever the issue may be, it’s clearly not a simple fix, as hours later the most popular mobile app in recent memory is still without a solution.

This isn’t the first roadblock players have experienced with the Pokemon GO Equinox event either, as the first implementation of the event wasn’t even rewarding the double Stardust bonus correctly before players complained and Niantic rolled out a quick fix. For a game that has become renowned for how many bugs it contains, recent events in Pokemon GO haven’t done much to shed that reputation, something that could end up hurting the game in the long run.

For now, however, players will simply wait out the login issue in anticipation of grinding out more Stardust, as Pokemon GO remains one of the world’s most profitable games despite the many glitches and functional bugs Niantic has yet to address.

Game Rant will keep trainers posted on the status of Pokemon GO‘s login problem, and will update this story once a fix has finally been rolled out.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Twitter