Pokemon GO Players Turning Against Developer Following Latest Update


Pokemon GO fans are not happy following the latest update to Niantic's popular Pokemon-themed AR game, with many voicing their anger through online protests.

There's no doubt that Niantic's Pokemon GO has been successful for the developer, becoming hugely popular in an incredibly short amount of time. But lately, it seems that the fanbase is hitting back at the team behind the latest mobile craze.

Despite boasting over 75 million downloads, Pokemon GO has begun to receive a tremendous amount of 1 star reviews on the iOS and Android app stores, mostly due to Niantic's attitude towards the gaming community. Complaints online suggest that the company's lack of response to fan questioning is reponsible for their latest reviews, though many are due to the game's latest update.

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For those who didn't see, the newest update to Pokemon GO saw the developer 'fix' the bug in the Pokemon tracker - by removing the feature completely. Amongst other things, Niantic also removed the game's 'Low Power' mode due to crashes caused by the feature, meaning that the already power-heavy app now drains even more battery. If the game's many bugs weren't enough, many players also believe that the most recent update to Pokemon GO came only to remove the app's low ratings.

Niantic have also seen fit to go after 3rd party companies that gave players an alternative method to using their Pokemon tracker. Several complaints on the game's subreddit are geared towards the company's attitude towards shutting down apps like Pokevision, which previously provided fans with a way to track down rare creatures while the tracking feature is out of action.

Not only has the community seemingly turned against the Pokemon GO developers, Niantic's CEO has recently had his account hacked, presumably in a protest against the team's priorities. A lack of communication and sever delays to the game's worldwide release may upset some fans, but many others believe that the team should instead work on actually fixing the game before rolling the app out any further.

Though the app was initially hugely profitable for those with a stake in it, at one point holding 50% of all daily mobile purchases, it might not be as successful right now. In fact, many players have begun asking for refunds for their in-app purchases at an increasing rate, further proving just how unhappy players are with the once-praised game.

What do you think Ranters? Is Pokemon GO still worth your time or are you waiting for the issues to be resolved. Leave us a comment and let us know.

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