Pokemon GO Player Catches Every Pokemon in America

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Pokemon GO has only been out in the US for a couple of weeks, but one enthusiastic Pokemon trainer has already caught every available creature in their region.

From pushing Nintendo's market value above that of Sony's to police using the app in order to lure in fugitives, Pokemon GO has been nothing short of a phenomenon and players around the world have been obsessed with catching every monster in the game. Finding and catching Pokemon has proven a lot more difficult than it should be due to a glitch with the game's tracker, but based on one player's profile, that hasn't stopped them from completing their American Pokemon GO Pokedex.

Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson recently posted up a new Reddit thread claiming that he has caught all the 142 available Pokemon that we know are currently in the United States, which immediately prompted skepticism from Reddit commenters. However, Johnson proceeded to clarify how he accomplished his achievement by speaking to Business Insider and detailing his journey from Pokemon trainer to Pokemon master.

Unlike certain people who decided to quit their job in order to play Pokemon GO, Johnson kept his job and thus had to optimize what little time he had. After leaving work at around 6PM every day, he would start walking around Brooklyn and Manhattan in search of Pokemon, and those walks could last up to eight hours at a time. Johnson stated that he walked an average of eight miles a day since Pokemon GO's release, although he did end up hiring a driver for a quick trip to Jersey City in order to capture a Porygon.

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Johnson also revealed that if spending real money on in-game items is an option, go for egg incubators over everything else. In terms of which New York City Pokemon-hunting spots he used, Johnson stated that Battery Park and Grand Army Plaza are the best places to explore - although he did warn that the latter place can get crowded, so much so that stampedes could eventuate.

As for the missing nine Pokemon in Johnson's Pokedex, three are region-exclusive monsters that are only available in Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and Asia, while no one can account for the whereabouts of the remaining six. Despite his nearly-completed Pokedex, Johnson says that he'll keep playing the game, though he does hope that Niantic will refine Pokemon GO's battle and gym system in future updates.

It remains to be seen whether Johnson will manage to complete his Pokedex, but one thing is for sure, he would probably get himself a nice little payday should he ever decide to put his Pokemon GO account up on eBay.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit, Business Insider (via GameSpot)

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