After months of teasing and anticipation from fans, legendary Pokemon have finally been added to Pokemon GO. The prospect of catching a Lugia or a Zapdos in the wild is an exciting one for the large community, and it appears that players may need to clear some more space than expected for these supposedly rare creatures as fans are reporting that it is possible to catch more than one legendary Pokemon of the same species.

Having originally claimed that the legendary Pokemon raids would be exclusive and rare Pokemon GO events, Niantic has seemingly changed its mind by quickly releasing Lugia and Articuno into the wild. Following this announcement, players have noticed that, for the time being, legendary raids are popping up everywhere around the world and budding Pokemon trainers have been able to jump into multiple legendary raids for the chance to catch more than one Lugia or Articuno.

Following the major service problems that befell the Pokemon GO Fest, it appears that this abundance of legendary raids and the chance to catch multiple legendary creatures of the same species is Niantic’s way of apologizing to the community for the various technical issues that have come up.

Pokemon GO shiny legendary Pokemon

Not only does this abundance of legendary raids mark a departure from how the previous Pokemon games handled legendary creatures (players could only encounter one Pokemon of each legendary species per game), but the ability to catch multiple legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO changes up the app’s gameplay in a few major ways. Players will now have an easier time accumulating candies, which was previously an issue as legendary Pokemon needed to be walked 20 kilometers in order to get one candy, and there will be no worries about getting stuck with a creature with poor stats or a subpar moveset.

It remains to be seen whether this abundance of legendary raids will be adjusted in the following weeks, so now is the time to jump on the chance to catch multiple legendary Pokemon of the same species. For those who need a bit of help trying to catch an Articuno or a Lugia, check out our guide on the best Pokemon for tackling legendary raids.

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android.