After a slight delay due to technical issues, Pokemon GO’s one year anniversary event is officially underway. Trainers are able to get a deal on a bundle of for-pay items and can find special Pikachu throughout the world, who are rocking a hat that is a reference to Ash Ketchum. As it turns out, Pikachu’s Gen 2 baby evolution, Pichu, can also wear the cap.

Multiple Pokemon GO players on Reddit have now confirmed that in addition to finding Pikachu equipped with hats in the wild, they have also been hatching eggs that contain Pichu who are wearing the hat. This is exciting news for Gen 2 fans and offers some extra motivation for players to drop some coins on extra incubators and get walking.

From the data we have, it appears that only eggs picked up during the event have the chance to contain the little hat wearing guy. This means that players who had been stockpiling 5 or 10km eggs before the event started are at quite a disadvantage. In order to obtain the Pichu with an Ash hat, we recommend loading up on egg incubators and doing a lot of walking. Pichu hatch from 2km eggs, so players have about three weeks to start powering through as many eggs as possible if they want this special Pokemon for their collection.


The chase Pichu seems to be Niantic’s way to get players to drop some real world cash during the game. The initial buzz around the Anniversary Box wasn’t very positive, because it only saves players a couple dozen coins, but this hunt will require a lot of Egg Incubators, so suddenly the special Anniversary Box is looking more appealing. Some players who have trouble hatching a Pichu are sure to be a little upset that part of the chase mechanic for this event relies so heavily on an item that usually needs to be purchased.

Good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit