Pokemon GO is going to let players celebrate Pokemon Day in style as a limited edition Pikachu wearing a festive hat will soon be added to the hugely popular mobile game.

It’s quite safe to say that Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, is rather fond of festive events. Earlier this month the developer rolled out the Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event, which increased the likelihood of pink Pokemon popping up about the world, and before that it added a Pokemon GO Christmas event which gave Pikachu an adorable little Santa hat. Eager to keep the themed celebrations going, the developer is again giving players a reason to party and jump for joy.

In a post on the Pokemon website, it has been confirmed that Pokemon GO will let players celebrate Pokemon Day which takes place each year on February 27 to celebrate the day the series’ launch in Japan in 1996. To celebrate, starting from February 26 at 1PM PST Pokemon GO will allow players to capture a version of Pikachu in the wild that will be wearing a “festive party hat.”

Official photos of Pikachu wearing its festive hat have yet to be revealed and it’s also unclear whether or not Pikachu will still wear the hat when it evolves to Raichu (as was the case with the Santa-hat wearing Pikachu from the Christmas event). However, it has been confirmed that any festive hat wearing Pikachu captured between the start date and March 6 1PM PST (when the event ends) will keep the hat forever.

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As it’s currently unclear whether the festive hat Pikachu will ever be made available again – perhaps on Pokemon Day 2018 – fans have already begun to devise plans about capturing as many of the characters as possible. On social media some have even discussed their plans to horde the Pikachu before Pokemon GO adds trading, as the limited edition characters could demand a huge price. Those who may have missed out on capturing them may be willing to trade other, incredibly rare Pokemon just to get this special version of Pikachu.

Though, festive hat Pikachu isn’t just good news for would-be Pokemon traders as casual players of the massively popular mobile game are also praising the Pokemon Day plans. While Niantic did just roll out a giant Pokemon GO update that added over 80 Gen 2 Pokemon, some argue that these smaller scale events are just as important for keeping them and their peers occupied as these mega content drops. It’s unclear just what holiday or event Niantic will celebrate next but Pokemon GO players are excitedly looking forward to whatever is introduced.

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android.