Those attempting to catch a shiny Pikachu through the new Pokemon GO event in Japan might be getting something else entirely. Players have confirmed a Pikachu caught in the wild might actually be a masquerading Ditto.

The Pokemon GO event is called Pikachu Outbreak, and is running from Wednesday, August 9 to Tuesday, August 15. During this time, players who visit one of two parks in Japan can find either a Kanto or Johto-themed area littered with Pokemon from that fictional region. In addition to opportunities to catch Pokemon rarely available in Japan, trainers might come across a shiny Pikachu or Raichu. These are basically Pokemon with an incredibly rare skin variant that makes them appear darker in color. However, those on the hunt for an uncommon Pikachu might end up snagging a plain Ditto instead.

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Source: Reddit

One Reddit user ran into this very situation while trying to snag a rare Pikachu and posted the results. The images document the capture of an adorable Pikachu that transforms into a Ditto shortly after capture. The shifty amorphous trickster snuck its way into the trainer’s Pokeball. There’s no word on whether a shiny Pikachu can turn into Ditto, but we expect developer Niantic was wise enough to make that an impossibility. Players wouldn’t react kindly to being cheated out a Pokemon that rare, and Niantic has enough problems to deal with at the moment.

While Japan enjoys Pikachu Outbreak, the rest of the world is still engaging in newly added raids that provide trainers with an opportunity to catch a legendary Pokemon. They were unleashed during Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago, which garnered mixed reviews – depending on whether or not you encountered technical difficulties. Trainers have most recently been facing off against the fiery Moltres.

Currently, players are gearing up for the newly announced Pokemon GO STADIUM event in Japan. What the event will entail is a mystery at this time, but players believe either PvP or a new legendary Pokemon could be introduced. The event begins Monday, August 14 and will be livestreamed on Facebook. This way fans worldwide can engage in the event and enjoy whatever is revealed together.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.