Pokemon GO Battle League Will Add Online Multiplayer Battles

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When it first launched, Pokemon GO made it so the only way players could really interact with each other was by meeting up in person. As time has gone on, Niantic has released updates for Pokemon GO to include more online multiplayer features. For example, Pokemon GO players can send gifts to friends no matter where they're at in the world. Now more online multiplayer interaction is coming to Pokemon GO, this time in the form of battles.

Niantic has announced the GO Battle League for Pokemon GO. To participate, players will have to walk a certain distance to earn entry into the Go Battle League, and then they will be able to fight opponents around the world through an online matchmaking system. As Pokemon GO players defeat online opponents, they will rank up in the league. More details on the feature are unavailable at this time, but Niantic plans on releasing it to the masses at some point in early 2020.

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The addition of online multiplayer battles in Pokemon GO is a big deal, and may give fans hope that more online multiplayer features could be on the way. At the top of many Pokemon GO players' wish list would be online Pokemon trading, as that could give many fans a realistic chance at completing their Pokedex.


Right now, there are many region-exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO that are only obtainable to players who can travel the world. Sometimes these region-exclusive Pokemon have been made available through special events, but these opportunities have been few and far between, and have really only featured the Gen 1 regionals. By letting Pokemon GO players trade with each other online, it would allow Niantic to keep the region-exclusive Pokemon exclusive to their specific regions while also giving players the chance to actually complete their Pokedex.

But a feature like online Pokemon trading, if it ever happens, would be something way down the line. The first step is the online multiplayer battles for Pokemon GO, which don't even launch until 2020. Fans of the popular mobile game will have to wait and see how that works before they can even really think about other online multiplayer features.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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