Pokemon GO: Niantic's Outdated SSL Cert Causes Login Problems

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Pokemon GO was down for about a half hour this morning, despite there being no new release or maintenance on the schedule. The unexpected problems had fans worried, but a bit of detective work seems to have found the root cause of the mysterious Pokemon GO downtime...

Rather than overwhelmed servers or a patch implementation that went poorly, this time the Pokemon GO's login issues were actually caused an overlooked SSL certificate. It seems like a silly reason for a massive game with a huge playerbase like Pokemon GO to shut users out, but renewing SSL certs is serious business!

Here's a look at the SSL certificate notification that was served up during the outage:


Despite Pokemon GO's massive popularity, it is also a game that has been plagued with bugs, server issues, and missing features since day one. This SSL certificate snafu is just the latest problem for the game and will likely be the next "minor text fixes" community meme.

All joking aside, the problem was resolved very quickly and only interupted service in the early hours of the morning for East Coast players. Compared to some of the login issues in the game's early days, this one was nothing.

Now that the game is up and runing again, good luck out there trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit

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