Pokemon GO New Tracker Tool Spreads To East Coast, Other Regions


The long awaited Nearby Pokemon feature for Pokemon Go is slowly rolling out to new regions, including the rest of the continental United States and sections of Europe.

The history of Pokemon Go is a series of extreme ups and downs. The mobile Pokemon collecting game stole the hearts of gamers when it first launched, then quickly drew their ire when the game ditched an important feature: the tracking tool. Now, those who have steadfastly held out for this feature to make a return will be pleased to know it should reach them soon, if it hasn't already.

The new tracker for Pokemon Go is slowly becoming available to all of the continental United States, which unfortunately doesn't include Alaska and Hawaii, and "large parts" of Europe, according to developer Niantic. Officially referred to as the Nearby Pokemon feature, it will alert users to nearby points of interest, essentially revealing spots in which to catch Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Upgraded 'Nearby' Feature Hits More Regions - Pokemon GO new tracker tool

This new version of the feature debuted a while back and was only available in San Francisco, California. This was done to test the waters and make adjustments depending on the feedback the company received. Now that the feature is spreading out to more regions, Niantic will continue to listen to its users in a continued effort to improve the game. "We will continue to review the feedback submitted on our official social media accounts and in other channels and make changes if necessary," the developer wrote in a recent post.

Prior to this expanded release, the feature was rolling out only to states west of the Mississippi, as well as certain regions in Canada, and all of Australia. This push was followed by an update from Niantic on the current state of Pokemon Go, as well as what's in store for its future.

Our first six months has been nothing short of exciting and your continued support has been inspiring. We have a lot of content, features, and functionality that we will be implementing over the coming months and years. Our goal is to to always improve on existing features where we can while also releasing exciting new content and functionality.

While the initial fallout of the tracker being removed as waned, some users will need more coaxing than the re-release of a crucial feature. Thankfully, Niantic has been doing its best to keep gameplay fresh by adding new Pokemon to the mix, seasonal events, and daily bonus content that rewards players simply for logging in and playing.

Pokemon GO Revenue Up Due to Halloween Event - Pokemon GO Halloween logo

It's worth remembering that, in the grand scheme of gaming, Pokemon Go is still cutting its teeth, so perhaps there is still time for the game to improve. While most can agree the game has had a shaky past, the latest efforts by Niantic ensure it will have a much brighter future.

Pokemon Go is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Gamespot

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