Pokemon GO Adds More Shadow Pokemon to Team Rocket PokeStops

Shadow Pokemon were introduced into Pokemon GO not so long ago. They were introduced alongside a mechanic that sees Team Rocket members taking over PokeStops and pilfering the items that PokeStops provide players when spun.

Initially, the Shadow Pokemon available were somewhat limited, but since then, the list has gradually expanded, and Team Rocket members have appeared with more captured critters. Now, the official Pokemon GO Twitter account has revealed that another slew of new Pokemon are joining Team Rocket's ranks as Shadow Pokemon.

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Shadow Pokemon are Pokemon that have 'doors to their hearts' shut. They appear shrouded in shadow and typically have glowing red eyes. After trainers successfully defeat the Team Rocket members utilizing these poor Pokemon, the trainer has the option to capture the Shadow Pokemon. Then, it can be purified, instantly boosting its level and freeing it from Team Rocket's grasp.

The new list of Shadow Pokemon includes Abra, Gloom, Growlithe, Hitmonchan, Larvitar, Oddish, Psyduck, Turtwig, Venomoth, and Venonat. They join an already expansive list that contains the full evolution trees of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Magikarp, Rattata, and Dratini, among a myriad of others.

pokemon go new shadow pokemon team rocket pokestop

Shadow Pokemon have added a fun twist to simply spinning PokeStops. Taking down Team Rocket not only helps the player to work towards the 'A Troubling Situation' mission but also provides an opportunity to catch Pokemon that might not otherwise spawn in the area. Considering that they also come with a level boost, it's an easy way to get ready for Raids and gym battles, providing that the player has enough Stardust to purify the Pokemon.

This is just the latest in things to do in Pokemon GO. The game is currently holding an Ultra Bonus Week that makes it easier to hatch eggs and introduces new Legendaries into Raids. Once the week ends, the event will continue for another two weeks, refreshing the bonuses and opportunities as each week passes.

Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.

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Source: Twitter

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