Pokemon GO Begins Adding New Pokestops for Players

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Players have begun reporting new Pokestops appearing in Pokemon GO, with some even popping up in rural areas where Pokestops are few and far between. Fans of the game have flocked to social media and community forums to revel in this recent, welcomed development, such as one Reddit user who was pleased to find three new Pokestops had been added near their suburban home.

This wasn't the work of Niantic answering the pleas of rural Pokemon GO players, however, but rather the after-effects of things taking place in the developer's other location-based AR mobile game Ingress. When a new portal is added in Ingress, it can become a Pokestop in Pokemon GO.

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This has led to exactly what one would expect. Players who are desperate to catch new Pokemon have begun investing time in Ingress to reap the benefits in Pokemon GO, which is either an oversight by Niantic or a genius, albeit unsavory, strategy to manipulate downloads for their games.

Either way, it works. Players aching for a nearby Pokestop have been reporting success with this method. Although the situation has stirred up its share of animosity from those who feel like their hands are being forced. Perhaps, as the conversation grows, Niantic will step in to provide a simpler solution to Pokemon GO players in less populated areas of the world.

This isn't the first time Pokemon GO players have had to find workarounds to issues plaguing the game. When its tracking system became an unmitigated disaster and was removed entirely, players turned to third-party trackers to ease their sorrows. Unfortunately, the most popular site was promptly shut it down by Niantic, who then blocked future third-party trackers from that point on.

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While the developer considered the method cheating, honest players felt it was a necessary evil required to enjoy the game after tracking – a core mechanic of the game – was removed. However, the real cheating came a bit later in the form of GPS spoofing, where players would trick the game into thinking they were in a highly-populated, Pokemon-infested area of the world. Niantic has since deployed an update that should block future GPS spoofing, but time will tell.

Currently, players are gearing up for a new Pokemon GO event. A Grass-type event, which ended just a short while ago, boosted the appearance of Grass-type Pokemon for the duration of the festivities. Now, a new Rock-type event is scheduled to begin tomorrow, May 18, that will do much of the same.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Reddit

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