It’s an exciting time for Pokemon Go fans as the mobile phenomenon is quickly approaching its one-year anniversary along with the first ever Pokemon GO Festival in Chicago, Illinois. While the public event completely sold out within half an hour of going on sale, the game itself is about to undergo its own evolution with an update that reworks much of the old PvP system surrounding Gyms.

Along with a completely redesigned Gym battle feature and new badges to be earned, Niantic is also adding a new battle raiding mechanic as well letting up to 20 players work together to take down a powerful Pokemon and earn some big rewards, These new additions to the popular title should help keep Pokemon Go players coming back to the mobile experience long after their favorite Pokemon have been caught.

pokemon-go-swarms niantic

New items are also being added into the game which should assist players when participating in this newly added content. However, these items won’t be found just anywhere in the world, as players can only find them through the new raid system,. Each one does provide a special benefit once found however, so restricting them makes sense. Here is what each item does:

  • Rare Candy – This item can be transformed into one Candy for any Pokemon.
  • Golden Razz Berry – This item makes catching wild Pokemon much easier. In addition, if fed to a Pokemon defending a Gym, its motivation level will be completely restored.
  • Fast TM – A Technical Machine that teaches a Pokemon how to perform a fast attack. If that Pokemon already knows a fast attack, this one will replace it.
  • Charge TM – A Technical Machine that teaches a Pokemon a new charge attack. If a charge attack is already known by that Pokemon, this one will replace it.

To prepare for this substantial overhaul, Niantic disabled all Gyms a few days ago. Once the update has been rolled out to everyone, Gyms will become available again, not only with a new coat of paint, but the new features as well.

What do you think of the new raid mechanics? Share your thoughts with us below.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

Source: Niantic