During the Pokemon GO panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Niantic CEO John Hanke suggested that new generations of creatures will eventually make their way into the game.

Now that we’re a few weeks into the life cycle of Pokemon GOthere’s no denying that the augmented-reality mobile game has become a phenomenon across the globe. While the mobile title has exceeded all of Niantic and Nintendo’s expectations, there are signs that Pokemon GO is already starting to hit its saturation point. There are some who have already caught every available Pokemon in America, and there have even been some who have gone so far as to call Pokemon GO a bad game. But if Niantic CEO John Hanke’s recent statements are to be believed, there’s still quite a bit of life yet in the popular mobile game.

Speaking to fans during the packed Pokemon GO panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Hanke spoke about a variety of topics regarding the game’s reception over the past few weeks, Easter eggs that are yet to be discovered, and Niantic’s future plans for the mobile game. But perhaps the most interesting topic that was brought up was the introduction of new generations of creatures. At the moment, there are 151 Pokemon available for capture in Pokemon GO, but Hanke stated that discussions are underway to bring in new creatures at some point in the future- although a specific timeline as to when this will happen was not revealed.

“Beyond first generation, there are some others that may make their way into our universe. We’re looking forward to finding interesting ways to make that happen in the coming months and years.”

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Given that there are over 700 creatures currently known to the world – including a number of incredibly dumb-looking Pokemon – introducing new monsters into Pokemon GO was always inevitable. While Hanke didn’t specify a timeline as to when these new creatures will eventually arrive, don’t expect them anytime soon as Niantic are currently working through a number of basic issues with the game, such as struggling servers and a number of nasty glitches.

This announcement about eventually introducing new Pokemon will undoubtedly be welcome news to a number of fans, particularly those who believe that Pokemon GO needs new features before it eventually burns out. Still, we’re only in the early stages of Pokemon GO‘s life cycle, and seeing as how the game isn’t even fully released around the world yet, there’s still plenty of time for Niantic to introduce some improvements to the game – including new generations of Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS in select regions.

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