Niantic sent out a notification last night informing Pokemon GO players on the latest nest migrations. This means the Pokemon that people are used to catching in a certain area have changed. The notification was promptly screengrabbed by user incliedplane and posted on Silph Road’s reddit.

The notice reads, “Different Pokemon may be appearing in parks around you. It’s a great time to explore your local parks!” This may not seem all that important, until you consider the fact Niantic has never acknowledged nest migration before.

When Pokemon GO released last summer, it took the world by storm. Even people who had never played a Pokemon game before were wandering outside, trying to catch ’em all. This wandering was mostly blind, at first. The in-game tracker didn’t work in the beginning, so it was removed altogether.

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Players then began attempting to understand how the game worked, to best take advantage of the rules and find more Pokemon. This lead to some third-party websites using the game’s own system to track Pokemon, which was an incredible boon to players, until the site was shut down.

Once again, players had to find a way to discover Pokemon with little help from within the game itself. They soon discovered that certain real world locations, such as parks, would spawn many of the same species of Pokemon. These “nests”, as they were dubbed, became hotspots for players who wanted to farm the location for candy or a certain Pokemon.

A short time later, players noticed that the nests would “migrate”. A species that once flooded a particular area would change. This appeared to happen about every two weeks, and almost always on a Wednesday evening in the US. Players knew it happened, but Niantic never commented on the phenomenon until now. And, what do you know, this all went down on a Wednesday night. You can be sure that Reddit is having a ball joking about Niantic’s sudden urge to confirm something the community has known for a year.

Currently, Pokemon GO players are gearing up for the Safari Zone events coming to the game this Saturday, July 22nd. The festivities are meant to celebrate the first anniversary of the game, and is a worldwide event that promises great prizes. There will be opportunities to catch region exclusive Pokemon, and, hopefully, a long-awaited legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS mobile devices.