As dedicated Pokemon GO players were informed yesterday, the game’s latest nest migration has gone live. Players are encouraged to hit their favorite Pokemon hunting spots, where they could find some new Pokemon that they haven’t seen very much of in the past. This should give Pokemon GO players an opportunity to fill out more of their Pokedex, though the nest migration may not mean much to those that already have a mostly complete Pokedex.

There are some players that may have already completed their Pokedex, and are simply waiting for the chance to catch new creatures. However, the only new Pokemon that have been added to the game in recent months are the Legendaries that are confined to raid battles, meaning that fans have been catching the same Pokemon since the second generation creatures were introduced earlier this year.

Some may feel as though the selection of pocket monsters to collect in Pokemon GO has grown stale, but they shouldn’t worry. As it turns out, Niantic appears to be preparing some major updates for the game, which will include a Super Incubator as well as Gen 3 Pokemon. When these updates will take place is anyone’s guess, but since the code is already being datamined, one has to imagine that third generation Pokemon will come to Pokemon GO before the year is out – perhaps even within the next couple of months.


If third generation Pokemon fail to make it into the game within the next couple of months, then it seems more likely that they will be saved for a spring update. After all, Pokemon GO is a game that encourages people to play outside, to the point that GPS spoofers are being more strictly punished by Niantic. Considering this, winter is not a great time for the game to add new Pokemon in certain parts of the world, so it would make more sense for Niantic to hold back on a third generation Pokemon update until the weather gets warmer.

Of course, there are Pokemon currently in the game that aren’t very accessible to most people. While Niantic has made some region-exclusive Pokemon available elsewhere, for the most part, there are some creatures that require players to travel to other continents to catch. Perhaps Niantic could make these Pokemon available all over the world, or at least able to be hatched from eggs.

While Pokemon GO fans wait for the introduction of third generation Pokemon and other ways to catch region-exclusive creatures, this nest migration could keep them busy. In the meantime, it will be exciting to learn when Niantic plans on implementing some of the bigger updates it has planned for Pokemon GO this year.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.