Pokemon GO Needs to Fix Candy Error

pokemon go needs to fix candy error

Pokemon GO players have noticed that the game's Pinap Berries seemingly aren't working as designed, and Niantic has know officially acknowledged that a bug is to blame. The developer of Pokemon GO has revealed that there is an error that keeps players from seeing the correct amount of Pokemon candy awarded after using a Pinap Berry.

Pinap Berries were added to the game in the recent Gen 2 update, and are designed to double the amount of candies awarded for successfully capturing a Pokemon. However, players have noticed that capturing a Pokemon that's under the effect of a Pinap Berry seems to still award the standard amount of candy. According to Niantic, Pokemon GO players who use a Pinap Berry prior to capturing a Pokemon will be awarded the correct amount of candy. However, due to a typographical error, the game is not correctly displaying it as such. The game glitch affects the text on the capture screen, but it doesn't affect the overall inventory system, so players should find that their inventory contains the correct amount of candy. Niantic is currently working on a fix to amend the capture screen error.

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Unfortunately, it's possible that this glitch has led some players to believe that the Pinap Berry is a waste of space. Players under the assumption that they don't do anything who are farming for candy may make it harder on themselves if they skip using the Pinap Berry or throw them away entirely to make room in their inventory. All in all, though, it's a minor problem in comparison to the much larger Pokemon GO bugs that are ailing some players. Some players are still experiencing the GPS drifting glitch that causes their character to move even when the player is holding still. In some instances, it also causes the player's character to appear in a completely different part of the world, which has rendered the game unplayable for those unlucky players.

Pokemon GO is set to receive a few major updates this year, and gamers are still waiting for major features like Pokemon trading. With any luck, the wait to fix both minor and major bugs won't take as long as the addition of new gameplay mechanics has.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Source: Niantic

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