Pokemon GO Dev May Change Move Sets in the Future


Pokemon GO is nearing its one-year anniversary, and since the game released in 2016, we've seen developer Niantic Inc. make a host of changes over the course of various updates. Now, there are signs that the studio is mulling a major change to move sets in response to requests from players.

Last week, a Pokemon GO players took to Niantic's support account on Twitter to ask if the developer could switch out an unwanted move on a Pokemon that he had recently caught. The studio declined — likely because it would set a very time-consuming precedent — but did offer some encouraging words for anyone else frustrated by similar issues.

"Thanks for reaching out," read a tweet posted by the account. "This is not currently available, unfortunately, but we are aware of the community's interest in this feature." While this response isn't exactly confirmation that such a feature in the work, it does make it clear that Niantic knows that players want to have more control over their monsters' move sets.

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Movesets in Pokemon GO are randomized, and they're re-rolled after Pokemon evolve. Unlike in the mainline games, where players can use TMs and HMs to customize which techniques their team has access to, this means that trainers don't have a great deal of control over their monsters' capabilities.

Niantic wants Pokemon GO players to go out and catch multiples of each Pokemon, so randomizing certain aspects of their abilities makes a lot of sense. However, introducing a limited method of swapping out individual moves would no doubt please many high-level trainers.

It's easy to imagine that some kind of TM and HM system could be used to implement this functionality within the limits of the game's inventory system. Perhaps we'll see something like this added to Pokemon GO when Niantic unleashes its much-hyped summer update over the next few months.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android devices.

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