The latest update to the Pokemon GO community’s “Species Data and Moveset Rankings” spreadsheet has been released, perhaps the best collection of Pokemon GO statistics outside of Niantic’s own information. Reddit user DraconianMole released the spreadsheet, based on YouTuber trnrtips’ similar spreadsheet and an analysis tool built by Reddit user Professor_Kukui. The spreadsheet is a remarkable resource for Pokemon GO trainers targeting the perfect Pokemon for all aspects of the game, or simply for collection.

DraconianMole provided a list of changes compared to other past spreadsheets, though he redid this spreadsheet entirely by scratch beyond importing pure data. Here’s the list of changes and additions:

  • Imported Prof’ Kukui’s species ranking for attacking and defending on the left
  • Included tankiness and my original tankiness% (comparing it to the best non-legendary bar blissey)
  • Changed the Duel and Defense %’s to use the highest score bar blissey, due to it’s overpowered stats
  • Included types into the rankings page for easier understanding
  • Included a way of sorting all Pokemon to either include or not include unevolved Pokemon
  • Included a way of sorting all Pokemon to either include or not include legendary Pokemon
  • Lapras base stats

Additionally, within the day since DraconianMole first posted the spreadsheet he was able to then parse and include data on Generation 3 Pokemon‘s stats. Since the Pokemon aren’t in the game yet, their move-sets aren’t available so full data and analysis will have to wait.

Pokemon GO Species Data and Moveset Rankings - Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet specifically goes out of its way to offer sorting options that discount Legendary Pokemon, as well as extremely strong Blissey. Which is to say that including them would likely distort the analysis in ways that would make it difficult to assess in meaningful ways. It’s an outstanding resource for figuring out each Pokemon‘s strengths , as well as what move-sets complement different Pokemon strengths.

For example, the spreadsheet is a great way to see how and why Snorlax is the strongest Defensive Pokemon inherently, due to its mix of base HP and Defense and potential Defensive DPS. But that DPS can fluctuate wildly based on its move-set, dropping its Defensiveness over 40% if it has Lick instead of Zen Headbutt. That means there are over 15 different non-Legendary Pokemon that might be better than a Snorlax with the wrong move-set. It might be time to look at that Omastar with Rock Throw and Ancient Power again.

For many Pokemon GO fans knowing what moves are better than others is relatively common, even expected knowledge. Pokemon trainers want to be the very best, after all. But knowing the math behind battles, knowing each Pokemon‘s potential, that’s another level of dedication entirely. Resources like this spreadsheet DraconianMole put together are of great benefit to the community.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Source: The Silph Road